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About Us

Welcome to Loyal Dental

Here at Loyal Dental we believe in delivering gentle, pain-free and quality treatment tailored to each individual.

Our dentists will spend time patiently discussing your needs to empower patients with the knowledge to make informed decisions regarding their treatment options. We believe in the gentle touch during treatment and being sensitive to the patient’s needs.

We have a wide range of government subsidies and Medisave is claimable for surgical procedures. We also have installment plans and accessible prices so cost is not a barrier to proper dental care.

Our dental clinic is conveniently located next to the Lavender Mrt station.


“Smiles are free…
But they are priceless.”


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Is X-ray harmful?

We use only digital xrays with high‐tech sensors that are instantaneously stored on the computer. The radiation dosage is much lower than conventional xrays and we use lead aprons to further enhance safety for our patients. The 3D xrays enable us to visualize your anatomy better and allows us to perform computer‐guided surgery for added safety.

Does Loyal Dental accept payment with Company's Medical Benefits

Yes, we do. However, do enquire us before making an appointment.

I have a child who is afraid of seeing a dentist, is Loyal Dental able to help?

Yes, Loyal Dental's practitioners are specialise in delivering gentle, pain- free treatment and handling children's dental anxiety. Feel free to enquire us regarding how we deliver treatment for children

I have no time to visit the dentist. When are you open?

We understand patients have busy work and personal schedules. We are open until 9pm in the evenings and 5pm on Saturdays for your convenience.

Can I use my Children Development Account (CDA/Baby bonus) Nets card for payment at your clinic?

This CDA fund can be used by the child and his/her siblings to pay for expenses incurred at our clinics. Siblings include adopted children and stepchildren.

Is wearing braces painful?

Different people have different pain thresholds. In other words, their level of tolerance differ. Most individuals adjust to the presence of 'braces' or 'bands' within a few days. A certain degree of discomfort is expected soon after insertion of braces and following their tightening or adjustment. This usually last 2 to 3 days.

I don't like silver/black filings that releasse mercury. What fillings do you use?

The American Dental Association states that amalgam (silver/black) filings are safe. We at Loyal Dental use dental composites (white filings) as a more natural-looking alternative for your peace of mind.

I am very scared of the dentist. The thought of going gives me sleepless nights. What should i do?

The dentist and staff here enjoy helping nervous patients overcome their fears and are trained to make manage dental anxiety. We use painless computer numbing and play music and videos during your treatment to make your visit as enjoyable as possible.

Is the dental implant procedure painful?

A combination of local anesthesia and sedation dentistry, if necessary, is used during implant placement, so patients do not feel pain during the procedure. After the initial surgery, discomfort should be minimal. However, prescription pain medication may be prescribed to relieve any post-surgical pain or discomfort.

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Lavender MRT Station

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